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Timing and Scoring system to track & field, ball games, swimming, shooting.
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3CCD Colored High-speed Camera
About the Product
• Line image sampling interval: 1/14000 seconds; interpretation accuracy: 1/5000 seconds.
• The width of the finish line image slit: 14μm.
• The system contains high-speed CCD camera, output module, image capture controller, lens, camera tripod, starting host stand,3D micro-motion tripod head, signal cable, power cable, finish-line image interpretation software, PC, laser printer, and flight case.
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  • 佳能
Product Details
  • Dimensions: 300mm(L) × 160mm(W) ×120mm(H)

    Weight: 1.8kg

  • The working distance between camera and track: 3-100 meters

  • Working temperature: ﹣15℃-65℃;

  • Light brightness at the finish line≥500Lux; Vertical resolution: 1×1024;

  • Power supply: 12V 4-6W, can connect to UPS power supply; built-in DC12V5A lithium battery (optional): can be used for 5 hours

  • RJ45/GIGE Gigabit network data interface, standard TCP/IP protocol

  • The real-time image preview system and right-angle endoscope help to detect the finish line.

  • Finish-line alignment: endoscope and electronic gyroscope (The electronic gyroscope uses the balance of a two-dimensional measurement camera to quickly complete the finish line alignment through LED indicator light.)

  • Built-in terminal mutual authentication system: When is finish-line camera is ready, the electronic starter will show that the order is ready to complete.

  • Before starting, the wireless communication between the finish point and the start point is communicated once every 10 seconds, showing the strength of the communication signal;

  • After starting, the wireless monitoring mode at the start point and finish point is on, any effective starting signal can complete one wireless starting.

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